Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all of the collars and bracelets custom made?

A: The basic answer is YES. We don’t keep a large standard stock of collars and cuffs since to provide all the sizes and styles would run into the millions of available choices.  Our desire is to show you what can be made for you or your dog and then hand craft it.

Q: How do I go about having Jeweled Leathers make a unique custom collar for my dog?

A: Just email us or call us and we will work with you on a custom design. We really enjoy talking to our valued customers and making a collar, cuff or both that will bring a smile to you and your pet. The items shown on our website are examples of designs that we can usually make all the time. 

Q: How are the collars and cuffs constructed?

A: We use the softest grade of Kiln Dried "Veg Tanned" calfskin leather, glove grade kidskin, lambskin and deerskin linings. The three layers are bonded together and form a smooth inner surface touching the dog or you. For really tiny dogs (collars under 8 inches) we recommend  only using two layers of leather, the upper where the jewels are mounted, and a lambskin or deerskin lining. This will keep the collar extremely lightweight and pliable and provide the ultimate in comfort. 

Q: How do I know what size collar to buy?

A: Measure your dog' neck and allow 2 finger space or the current current collar.  Order the size range that your dog's exact neck measurement falls into. This will give you a few extra holes for growth or smaller if you get your dog groomed. We hand make each collar to your size specifications so the exact size of your collar will be customized based on your measurements. Be careful... Measure twice, order once!

Q: Can I make a minor change to a design or do I need to order a custom collar?

A: Minor changes, like a change in stone or jewel color or size, can be made by telling us your request. Please remember, that all our gems are semi precious and precious stones, and the price may vary greatly. Based on your order, we may have to special order a specific stone quality or size. We do that at no extra charge to you.

Q: Can I have a custom leather color?

A: Of course, just check with us or send a sample color.

Q: What about dyed or painted collars?

A: Other than the kidskin (which we only purchase in black or white), we dye each collar based on your order “in house”. All our dyes are  water based and won’t harm you or your pet. For the painted collars, we use only a water base acrylic done in two stages to avoid cracking or peeling.

Q: How long will it take to get my order?

A: We have about a ONE week turnaround time. Please allow a few days for shipping within the United States. Shipping outside the USA will be by whatever availability and service is provided. We have found that standard USPS postal service is both the cheapest, and best to use. 

Q: How do I keep my collar or bracelet clean? Should I condition it?

A: You can condition your collar or cuff by using a high grade leather cleaner/conditioner if it becomes soiled or dirty. All our leathers have been given a “top coat” of a protective finish, but that is not a permanent treatment.